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We're building a platform where any user can build their own artificial assistant. The assistants, which we call Abwids, do not have their own identity. Rather, they are being built with the purpose of helping the guests with the user's information.

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How an Abwid works

An Abwid stores the user's information in Iotas. Iotas are small bits of information which are added or updated by the user from time to time. For example, the user's contact details will have a specific Iota. Therefore, the more Iotas you have, the more your Abwid knows about you. Use of this framework allows us to constantly push the boundaries by adding new Iotas to our database. The goal is to use these Iotas in the best way possible to answer a guest's questions about the user. To do so, Abwid uses the state-of-the-art toolkits for understanding and analyzing the natural language queries. We also plan to make our platform connected with more 3rd party user services from where an Abwid can learn about the user. Our integration with Google calendar is an example.

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High on Features

Available on Facebook Messenger

Our Abwids are available to chat on Facebook Messenger. Just go to m.me/abwidapp to get started.

Mobile-Friendly Interface

Abwid's various interfaces are made to be mobile friendly.
Every element of the chat interface as well as the user dashboard looks great on your mobile device.

Live Chat

The user can chat live with the guest in the same platform.

Easy to Embed

So you can easily embed your Abwid to your homepage.

Push Notifications

Email + Pushbullet notifications arrive when someone wants to talk to you.
These notifications can be turned off by the user.

Google Calendar Integration

Iotas for your public and personal calendars enable your Abwid to know when you are free.

Custom Rules

Iota for custom rules enables you to trigger responses whenever a keyword is present in the query.

Constantly Improving

The shift to the new platform enables our Abwids to get smarter over time.
We're just getting started!

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